Perils of even just donating through the telemarketer

Be aware about donating through a professional fundraiser if they ask to send you a donation form. That just keeps you on their calling list. You can remove the middle man altogether and deal with the charity directly. Ask to be removed from the telemarketing call list. Insist that your details are not sold to other parties. (Even if the telemarketer is an employee of the charity itself you need to ask to be removed from telemarketing gaming campaigns). However don't assume that your request will be respected even if you put your request through a supervisor. Lots of money can be made by selling the contact details of people like you who have a track record of giving to charity especially if you give your credit card details over the phone. You won't be asked for your consent to have your name and details sold even though the people who do will make money out of it. Nor will you be asked whether the agency calling you may ring you again or how often they may ring and you won't be given other options for supporting the charity -  especially options that don't divert most of the money away from charity.